iNotion and CMM-SW

Implementing and maintaining a SW-CMM compliant organization is key to the success of delivering on time and quality software. Using SW-CMM provides the organization a framework for developing and maintaining good practices throughout the development and delivery of the product. The 5 levels of SW-CMM give organizations a roadmap and set of progressive goals to manage and improve their processes over time via the Key Process Areas (KPA's). The benefits are clear, an ROI of 5:1. The challenge is in implementation. The need for an infrastructure to support and maintain this effort is key. Up until now such an infrastructure did not exist within a single product base. This paper will describe how iNotion, a Product Life Cycle Management Portal for Software from I-Logix specifically supports SW-CMM. Using iNotion to assist organizations in the implementation and ongoing support of SW-CMM provides real value in both time and money. iNotion's suite of services provides organizations with the key infrastructure and functionality to quickly and easily develop and maintain their SW-CMM objectives.

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