Integrated Routing and Security

Dynamic routing and security are both essential elements of Internetworks. Dynamic routing enables network devices to obtain topology information, routes and IP addresses from other routers automatically. Security solutions, such as firewalls and VPNs, protect network resources against attacks, intrusions, and malicious activity.

While many organizations implement routing and security today, these two technologies perform conflicting functions: routing facilitates network access while firewalls—to an extent—prevent access. IPSec VPNs enable private communications over the Internet through data encryption. But IPSec VPNs do not support a standard method of exchanging route information over encrypted tunnels. Organizations have developed strategies to overcome the opposing goals of routing and security, such as managing more and more single-purpose appliances and configuring complicated rules to support routing across firewalls and VPNs. However, these imperfect solutions do not scale to meet the needs of increasingly complex distributed networks.

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