Inline Intrusion Protection

The Internet is a medium for fast, efficient communication and interchange of ideas, and an unbounded marketplace for corporations, customers and suppliers to conduct business. However, the limitless opportunities of the Internet come hand-in-hand with the risks of people who take malicious advantage of the openness of the Internet. Enterprise networked systems are inevitably exposed to the increasing threats posed by hackers as well as malicious users internal to a network. The consequences are compromised confidentiality and integrity of business systems, and diminished availability of the network.

To counter these threats, organizations use tools and technology to secure their systems, through deployment of firewall and authentication systems, and by defining security policies and access control mechanisms. But with security breaches on the rise, and their associated high costs to businesses, enterprises are increasingly looking at tools that detect network security breaches and alert network administrators of intrusion attempts. Intrusion Detection systems (IDSs) fall in this category of security tools.

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