IP Telephony in the Call Center

With US $700 billion at stake, the call center market is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies need to aggressively improve customer service to maintain profits and preserve customer loyalty. Customers want personalized service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they want to access such services via the phone or the Web. A voice-enabled Internet call center allows companies integrate a broad range of exciting new services designed to increase sales, cut costs, and improve customer service.

Call center managers can now combine the human touch of the call center with the convenience of the Web, creating an Internet-enabled call center. This gives consumers a personalized, shopper-friendly marketplace of products and services, as well as better customer service and technical support. In turn, call centers benefit from increased sales and marketing, lower operating costs, improved time-to-market, and better staffing options. This paper explains how call centers can upgrade their existing call center infrastructure, lease call center services from a network service provider, and build a new call center using an open CT server.

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