Information Shouldn't Wither on the Line

Suppose that your Computer Telephony (CT) application is being used in a business where the volume of telephone traffic requires a private branch exchange (PBX), but the PBX isn't in your solution's configuration. Your customer could be losing valuable business information - and you could be missing a significant business opportunity.

The signals sent between a PBX and its manufacturer's digital phones, known as station sets, contain valuable information that is good for more than just interaction with the station set. This information can significantly enhance CT applications with features that effectively control such elements as calling and called number identification.

In the past, developers needed a great deal of patience and skill to put together a customer solution that used these elements. Much of the work involved integrating proprietary components that offered their own programming model and application programming interface (API). Fortunately, recent advancements in PBX integration have made it easier and more lucrative to create applications that take advantage of PBX call control information.

This white paper will detail the type of information available from PBXs and how easy it is to incorporate that information into CT applications with the Intel® Dialogic® D/82JCT-U and DSE digital PBX integration products.

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