ISTO5001 Paper

IEEE-ISTO 5001TM-1999, the Nexus 5001 ForumTM Standard, previously known as GEPDISC (Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard Consortium) or NEXUS has been created to provide a standard debug interface for embedded control applications. This debug interface can be used to connect tools to an embedded system to facilitate any of the following:

The standard builds on the experience of a wide range of semiconductor vendors, development system companies and embedded systems design engineers. The Nexus 5001 ForumTM, which developed the standard, began work in 1998 with the aim of defining a common set of microcontroller on-chip debug features, protocols and interfaces for the development and debugging tools that are used by embedded systems developers.

Although the Nexus 5001 ForumTM originally targeted the requirements of the automotive industry, they have produced a scalable standard that addresses the needs of high-performance microcontrollers in all industry segments. Scalability allows tool vendors like Ashling to produce a family of tools with a range of performance levels and cost that can answer the needs of development project teams right through the design and verification cycle.

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