High-precision data acquisition boards Why you should buy, not design

Designing a data acquisition system (DAS) is like learning to play golf. Anyone can hit the ball from day one but then may spend the rest of their life refining the game. Anyone can design a system with an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and take a sample, but they will spend an immense amount of time refining the circuits to achieve a level equivalent to a high-performance instrument. Buying the board aids in the performance of the final system because the engineer does not have to design the heart of the analog circuit, which includes accuracy, drift, low noise, temperature, AC response to full power bandwidth, slew rate, filtering, cable loading, and so on. The engineer only has to interface to the board to get all the benefits of the core analog system.

This article will delineate the required parameters for a multi-channel, 16-bit, high-precision DAS board suitable for industrial applications from DC to 100 KHz. For the vast majority of engineers, buying the core analog board allows more time for systems engineering, interfacing the custom machine/instrument to the DAS board, and achieving quicker time to market for a successful product.

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