Horizontal Scaling Fabrics for Sun Fire V60x and V65x Servers: InfiniBand

Solving scientific, engineering, and business problems requires ever-increasing compute power. More and more of today's emerging applications use computers to model real-world phenomena such as weather simulations and to analyze and search for solutions hidden in the enormous amounts of data gathered through data collecting sensors, computer transactions, and various human endeavors such as locating a new gene in the human genome database. Similar computing techniques are used to design new products, such as the latest wireless chip, or to create blockbuster movies in the entertainment industry.

The need for large compute power can be addressed with high-performance compute clusters using a large number of independent compute servers connected over a high-speed network fabric. Thousands of CPUs can be configured to provide gigaflops of compute power using appropriate interconnect technology. For many companies and institutions, scaling the computing infrastructure by adding independent servers, or horizontal scaling, has become an effective means to address the increased demand for compute power.

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