FlyhtStream Taps Black Box Data in Flight

AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (AMS), a leading provider of data and voice communications services for the aviation industry with its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (afirs), and Iridium, operator of the world's largest commercial satellite network, have demonstrated the ability to capture and continuously stream in-flight position and performance data from an aircraft's flight data recorder (FDR).

Using an operating mode of afirs known as FlyhtStream, the solution combines onboard smart electronics technology, a satellite constellation with fully global reach, including over the Poles, and secure, Internet-based data delivery to end users. If something abnormal occurs during an aircraft's flight, the system triggers an alert and begins streaming operating performance data via Iridium to designated recipients, including airline executives and ground support crews, aircraft and engine manufacturers, air traffic control, and search and rescue.

FlyhtStream represents a quantum leap for the aviation industry in terms of improving aircraft tracking and in-flight emergency communications. For the first time, the system offers to the aviation community a tool that can be used to analyze, diagnose and resolve in-flight problems as they occur, holding out the promise of actually preventing crashes and loss of life, as well as facilitating better operating decisions during non-crisis situations.

The system has been proven during in-flight trials over the Atlantic Ocean and other areas globally, and afirs already is being utilized by more than 30 passenger-service airlines and business aviation customers as an economical solution to monitor in-flight aircraft performance from anywhere in the world.

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