From Makefile to Project - The CodeWarrior Makefile Importer Wizard

The make utility is a well-known software project management tool that got its start in the Unix world and continues to enjoy wide use today. The make utility reads a "makefile"—a source file that the developer creates—and, guided by the information in that makefile, compiles and links all the source code files to build the application’s executable. That is a simplified description. You can do much more with the make utility than automate compiling and linking, but that is the gist of it.

In this paper we discuss some of the capabilities of a makefile and explore the parallel features of a CodeWarrior project. The bulk of this paper is devoted to illustrating the process of importing a makefile into the CodeWarrior tool using the Makefile Importer Wizard. This Wizard manages the translation process and takes most of the sting out of moving a makefile-based project into the CodeWarrior tool.

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