Function Driven Systems Engineering with Statemate

The chances for systems engineers to be involved in the design of a completely new system are rare. Mostly, systems engineers have to deal with modifications or extensions of existing (legacy) systems.

Typically, these changes are based on customers requirements expressed in form of textual Change Requests. Although accompanied by descriptive documents such as Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), these requirements never are sufficient to assess their impact on the existing system architecture.

In accordance to the IEEE-Std-1220 I-Logix defined for function driven systems engineering with Statemate a "Change Request driven System Design Process". This process describes in detail, how the new requirements capture capabilities of Statemate 3.1 (Use Case Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams) together with Statemate's modeling and analysis capabilities should be applied to legacy systems.

The benefits of the "Change Request driven System Design Process" are:

This is an overview presentation of the "Change Request driven System Design Process"

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