Fast Prototyping: a system design flow applied to a complex System-On-Chip multiprocessor design

Todays products requirements on the different semiconductor market segments are putting a high pressure on the silicon suppliers. Having to design and manufacture Systems-on-Chip (SOC) with shortening time-to-market, it becomes mandatory to be efficient at hardware and software design, verification, IP reuse and system integration.

This paper describes a flow put in place within STMicroelectronics, internally known as Fast Prototyping, on an industrial multi-processor System-On-Chip product design. The high complexity of the system, including hardware and software, the need for optimal microarchitecture choices, for system integra-tion and models production are tackled using an innovative system design flow that combines different technologies, such as C modeling, emulation, hard Virtual Component reuse and CoWare N2CTM.

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