Dramatically Improving C and C++ Application Quality With Unit Testing

To test now you must build your own elaborate suite of test harnesses, stubs, and test cases, then debug this test code before you can even use it on the original function or class. This effort does not ensure that your tests will be robust enough to fully exercise your code, or to even find any bugs at all, nor does it guarantee that your tests will be compatible with your fellow developer's needs. Testing a complete system offers only more of the same problems, only now it will take much longer to find bugs and errors within your functions and classes, as there is much more code analyze and test. As a developer, the only way to eliminate this dilemma is to have a tool that automatically creates test harnesses, stubs, and test cases for you so that you do not have to debug them yourself. This tool is called C++Test. With C++Test, there is no need to worry about test harnesses, stubs, test cases, and debugging test code. It eliminates the risk of unit testing by fully automating unit tests with the click of a button. C++Test enforces over 300 industry-wide coding standards, allows you to single-step through functions, and performs detailed regression testing to completely flush code of all errors.

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