Device Software Optimization: The Core of Your Next-Generation Networking Strategy

The promise of a converged next-generation network is finally a reality. Yet many key players in the next-generation networking ecosystem haven't begun to profit from the opportunities created by convergence. Service providers, network equipment providers (NEPs), telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs), and suppliers to these companies all seem to be coming to the same realization at the same time: Success in the next-generation networking market will require more than a converged network. It will require a more effective device software strategy.

Device software—not just hardware and services—will be the key to differentiation and new revenue streams in the era of next-generation networking. And a Device Software Optimization (DSO) strategy will be the key to successfully developing and delivering device software.

Next-generation networking is all about connectedness—from the billions of ubiquitous networked devices and millions of consumers participating in network services to the thousands of industry participants connecting with each other to deliver successful products.

Right now, the missing link for many next-generation networking companies is an effective strategy for the one area where they can innovate, differentiate, and better compete: the application layer. This paper describes the vital connection between a successful DSO strategy and market success.

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