Dolphin SCI & Sun Remote Shared Memory Speed Oracle9i RAC

Combining the reliability of Solaris and Oracle software with Sun and Dolphin hardware creates a solid technology base for Sun's Oracle9i RAC clusters. Key to the software technology is support for remote shared memory on the Dolphin SCI interconnects.

With this technology base, the benefit of performance can be measured and quantified. Current customer satisfaction and future performance, capacity, reliability and availability are assured through Sun PCI-SCI based clusters.

Before focusing on various aspects of the Oracle9i RAC and Dolphin database cluster, the definition of a cluster deserves discussion. A cluster can be made up of multiple single-processor systems or nodes, or multiple multiprocessor systems or nodes that share memory only locally (SMPs). Every node has local memory as well as a copy of the operating system, a database instance or process, and application software.

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