Demonstrating Efficiency in Large-Scale Data Warehousing

In this Winter Corporation White Paper, we review the latest TPC BenchmarkTM H results for Sybase IQ deployed on Sun servers and storage systems. Working closely together over the last two years, Sun Microsystems and Sybase have developed and Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture that scales from small to very large data warehouse workloads. Sun and Sybase have recently announced TPC-H results for the Sun-Sybase IQ platform at scale factors corresponding to three size databases 100 GB, 300 GB, and 1000 GB (or 1 TB). These TPC-H results demonstrate the scalability of the Sun-Sybase IQ platform across a broad network range, and the efficiency of the Sun-Sybase IQ platform for online, ad hoc query processing.

These new TPC-H benchmark results reveal a compelling value proposition for partnering Sun servers and storage systems with Sybase IQ database software to address today's large-scale data warehousing needs:

Together, these resource efficiencies underpin the dramatic and unparalleled price-performance of the Sun-Sybase IQ platform up to 7:1 in some cases. This yields low cost systems that are easier and less expensive to maintain less expensive than all other systems tested; an advantage that grows as the benchmark scale increases.

The price-performance results of the Sun-Sybase IQ platform on the TPC-H benchmark reveals the strengths of the unique Sybase IQ architecture for analytic query processing and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sun servers for hosting this database workload.

These benchmark results further reveal that the Sun-Sybase IQ platform provides business leaders with the tools needed to meet the "do more with less" challenge of many of today's large-scale data warehouses.

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