Designing A Single Board Computer For Space Using The Most Advanced Processor and Mitigation Technologies

As high-end computing becomes more of a necessity in space, there currently exists a large gap between what is available to satellite manufacturers and the state of the commercial processor industry. As a result, Maxwell Technologies has developed a Super Computer for Space that utilizes a combination of the latest commercial Silicon-on-Insulator PowerPC processors, state-of-the-art memory modules and radiation tolerant FPGA's to achieve space-qualified performance that is from 10 to 1000 times that of current technology. In addition, Maxwell's Super Computer for Space (SCS750) SBC is capable of executing up to 1800+ millions of instruction per second (MIPS), while guaranteeing upset rates for the entire board of less then 1 every 1000 years. Presented is a brief synopsis of Maxwell's single board computer design approach, radiation mitigation techniques and radiation test results employed on Maxwell's next generation super computer for space.

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