Dual ISM Band PIFA for Wireless Communication

The wireless communication has witnessed a rapid progress in the recent past. The emerging technology of short range radio link (Bluetooth) and LAN system applications have lead the renewed focus of attention to ISM frequency band of 2.4- 2.5 GHz. Keeping in pace with the advancement of antenna technology of Mobile Voice communication, the ISM band RF data communication has also utilized the inherent advantages of the internal antenna. PIFA has proved to be the most widely used internal antenna for commercial wireless systems of both the Mobile Voice and RF data communications. In many research publications pertaining to the single ISM band PIFA technology, the thrust has been on optimal performance despite the miniaturization in the sizes of both the antenna and the ground plane [G.R.Kadambi et. al, URSI Symposium, 2000, Salt Lake City, pp. 224].

In view of the ever-growing demand for further expansion of personal wireless communication system, there is a gradual shift of the emphasis from the existing single ISM band operation to dual ISM band covering the frequency range of 2.4-2.5 /5.15 5.35 GHz. This calls for the development of dual ISM band antennas for possible applications in wireless communication. There exists a continued interest and requirement for the compact dual ISM band PIFA for emerging applications of RF data wireless systems comprising Laptop and other hand held communication devices. This paper presents some of the design case studies of dual ISM band PIFA for wireless system applications. In particular, the case studies cover the design of single feed dual ISM band PIFAs with very narrow width of the order of 3 mm.

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