Considerations for Building Long-Life OEM Systems

The "wintel" PC architecture has become the computer platform of choice for many embedded applications. Utilizing embedded PCs based on the wintel architecture allows system designers to take advantage of industry-standard software, peripherals, engineering expertise, and a tremendous pace of innovation. Unfortunately, the intense market pressures that drive this fast paced technical innovation also ensure quick obsolescence; if this technology is applied incorrectly it can result in embedded PCs which are long on innovation but short on life span. As an embedded system manufacturer, supporting many long-life products, RadiSys must continually juggle our customers' desire to maintain parity with retail PC technical innovation along with their desire to utilize an embedded PC for five years, seven years, or even longer. The cost of making the wrong choices can be significant. Understanding the long-life equation will prepare you to make "right choices" when incorporating an embedded PC into your next system.

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