Component based Business Process Composition provides Risk Mitigation, accelerated ROI and gets your EAI Project implemented in time

Enterprises are currently grappling with trying to leverage existing investments while implementing complex B2Bi, EAI and BPM projects. Companies can cut costs and time to market by more than 75% by choosing Fiorano's solutions. Fiorano's Tifosi platform provides the highest level of abstraction from the middleware promoting the reuse of components, reducing the level of coupling between applications, and reducing the amount of custom coding required in lower level languages (C or C++).

This paper discusses how Fiorano's Tifosi enables a simpler, affordable and scalable approach that enables Component-based Business Process Composition. Using the notion of coarse-grain programming techniques to create a palette of reusable components, the creation, prototyping, production and ongoing management of composite applications can be made as simple as manipulating numerical macros in a spreadsheet as used today.

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