Compact Dual Band Circular PIFA with Integrated Feed Line for Wireless Applications

Apart from extensive utility of PIFA in commercial cellular communications, PIFA continues to find its usefulness in many other systems applications such as WLAN. In wireless RF data communications, there is a shift in the requirement from the existing single band operation to dual ISM band operation covering the (2.4-2.5/5.15-5.35) GHz range. The analytical and design studies of potential internal or external wireless antennas operating in the 5 GHz range are rather limited in open literature. The primary focus of this paper is the design of a compact dual ISM band internal PIFA with single feed. In the majority of the research papers on PIFA, the contour of the radiating element has mostly been restricted to either rectangular or square shape. In conventional microstrip antennas, circular contour is also very common for its radiating element. PIFA can possibly be considered as a class of microstrip antenna with shorting post. One of the objectives of this paper is thus to consider the radiating element of the PIFA with a circular shape also. This paper presents three different design configurations of dual ISM band circular PIFA for wireless applications.

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