Channel Card Design for 3G Infrastructure Equipment

The purpose of this paper is to describe the beneficial effects on the economics of 3G channel card design brought about by the introduction of TI's high-density TMS320TCI1x UMTS Infrastructure Chipset. It will consider the current needs of the changing wireless landscape. It will break down the costs facing 3G basestation OEMs. And it will enumerate the various architectures from which manufacturers can choose to design their solutions. The paper also will go into detail describing the design and function of the new chipset, which includes the TMS320TCI100 digital signal processor (DSP), the TMS320TCI110 application-specific standard processor (ASSP) and the TMS320TCI120 ASSP. By cou-pling an industry-leading, wireless-infrastructure tailored, programmable DSP with cus-tomizable ASSPs, TI has eliminated the need for OEMs to develop custom ASICs. This leads to substantial cost reductions. Meanwhile, flexible resource pooling and efficient interfaces tremendously improve channel density over today's solutions. And manufac-turers can still easily customize their products through the flexible hardware and modu-lar software of TI's chipset.

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