Blast FPGA: An Advanced Solution for High-Performance FPGA Design and Prototyping

ASIC designers are increasingly turning to FPGAs for production or prototyping. With the ever-increasing size and complexity of next-generation FPGAs, FPGA designers also require ASIC-strength tools to help them achieve design goals in the least amount of time. Today’s logic designer must be versatile enough to design for both FPGAs and ASICs, while taking full advantage of both technologies.

Blast FPGA is an ASIC-strength physical synthesis tool for FPGAs that provides a fast, simple and fully-automated solution to meet aggressive timing goals with minimal effort. It further enhances design productivity and shortens the design cycle by eliminating or reducing the number of design iterations required with previous generation tools. Designers using Blast FPGA can be confident that they can migrate their design easily to another FPGA or an ASIC, depending on their specific production goals.

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