Broadbeam's ExpressQ Wireless Platform

Being on the road and having access to corporate applications is no longer just a dream for mobile users. Technology is available, today, that can extend enterprise applications to mobile workers. Enterprises around the world are deriving improved worker productivity, improved service and return on investment from wireless enabling their applications. Consider the following:

However, enterprises face many distinct challenges when building and deploying wireless data solutions, including how to provide a rich and productive user experience for mobile employees and how to reliably and securely connect mobile devices to enterprise applications and Internet content. In addition to this challenge, the enterprise must address the realities of multiple networks, devices and protocols, and the difficulty of maintaining communications with mobile users as they move in and out of coverage. Perhaps the most significant challenge is the fact that most organizations do not have the expertise needed to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications and therefore encounter long decision-making, development and deployment cycles with many obstacles along the way.

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