Bluetooth Host Controller Interface using UML

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) represents an important step in the evolution of programming languages. Compared with the more traditional text based programming languages such as C, Pascal, Fortran and Java, the Unified Modeling Language is in one sense more user friendly because of the various diagrams and charts that are associated with it (e.g. Object Diagram, State Chart, Message Sequence Chart). Using the various diagrams and charts, even the uninitiated programmer, can quickly learn the essential flows and functions of the code.

A team of engineers from the Institute for Communications Research, Singapore, has been experimenting with the I-Logix implementation of UML, Rhapsody. In particular, the team has been developing part of the Bluetooth protocol stack using Rhapsody. At the time of this writing, the Bluetooth HCI and L2CAP Layers have been completed and tested. All work was done in the Windows 2000 environment.

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