Brake by Wire without Mechanical Backup using a TTP Communication Network

By-wire systems have been established for several years in the area of aircraft constructions. There is the visible trend to realize by-wire applications without mechanical or hydraulic backup systems in vehicles. The required electronic systems must evidently be available and safe. This paper addresses a new automotive architecture approach using the time-triggered fault-tolerant TTP protocol that has been designed for class C safety related control applications, like brake-by-wire or steer-by-wire, due to the SAE classification [1]. As an example we present this approach within a brake-by-wire research car (case study) without mechanical backup. The intention of this architecture is to tolerate one arbitrary fault - excepting faults of actuators - without any effects of the brake performance. For this purpose we use redundancy in communication (TTP) and electric components like sensors, actuators and power supply.

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