Adding Compatible CompactPCI Hot Swap Support to Linux

The Pigeon Point Hot Swap Kit (HSK) for Linux augments the Linux kernel to add support for inserting and removing (hot swapping) CompactPCI peripheral boards in a running system. CompactPCI is a mechanically robust implementation of the ubiquitous PCI bus that is defined by a series of specifications developed by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG). HSK for Linux is comparable to and compatible with the established Pigeon Point HSK for Windows 2000/XP product. The HSK products for both Linux and Windows have been licensed by leading CompactPCI platform and board vendors. HSK for Windows technology is shipping from Microsoft as a hot swap component built into Windows XP Embedded. This paper focuses on HSK for Linux, which is not a direct port of HSK for Windows because of intrinsic differences between the two O/Ss, but still highly compatible in architecture and interfaces.

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