Automatic Java[TM] Software and Component Testing: Using Jtest to Automate Unit Testing and Coding Standard Enforcement

For some time now, the development community has been praising such practices as unit testing, coding standard enforcement, metrics measurement, and Design by Contract. When implemented, these techniques can dramatically improve product reliability as well as reduce development time and cost. However, until now, these practices have required so much work that few developers could actually adopt them. Jtest removes this obstacle for Java developers by automating these beneficial techniques. When performing unit testing, Jtest automatically creates and executes test cases that verify class functionality and test class construction; when statically analyzing code, Jtest enforces coding standards that prevent errors and measure metrics that help you flag complicated (and thus error-prone) areas of code. By automating these practices, Jtest makes it easy for even the most time-pressed developers to incorporate them into their development processes and reap the rewards that they offer.

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