A Comparison Between the Scheduling Algorithms Used in RTLinux and in VxWorks

The purpose of this report is to inform fellow students of what the differences between the scheduling algorithms in RTLinux and VxWorks are, and when it's appropriate to use them. We describe the two scheduling algorithms used in RTLinux, namely Earliest-deadline-first (EDF) and Rate-monotonic (RM). In VxWorks we describe round-robin (RR) and preemptive priority-based scheduling. We also discuss the POSIX scheduler, which is available both in RTLinux and VxWorks.

A comparison is made where we deal with both the theoretical and contextual view. Finally we conclude that RTLinux and VxWorks uses basically the same scheduling idea but with RTLinux having the possibility of using more advanced algorithms, which though leads to problems with frequent context switching, and on the other hand VxWorks being little bit more predictable and still not suffering from too frequent context switching.

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