A New Embedded Software Model to Increase OEM Productivity

Electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) produce and sell products enabled by programmable semiconductors. These OEMs are major contributors to the worldwide gross domestic product (GDP). However, the current economic downturn has demonstrated how turbulent their markets can become. The turbulence further emphasizes the importance of controlling risk, managing critical success factors, and implementing an operational model for optimizing and sustaining product development. The risks and related factors are a combination of cost-based, time-based, and technology-based concerns.

The programmable products have a dual embedded platform that is partitioned into hardware and software architectures. The platforms provide the products with their application functionality and distinct industry capabilities. The hardware platform and its related costs, outsourcing choices, and technologies are more mature and more manageable by OEM organizations.

In this white paper, Paul Zorfass, IDC Analyst discusses the challenges electronic OEMs are facing, how the industry is evolving, and how these problems are addressed with an integrated embedded platform.

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