A simple debugger for your embedded system Using the Barracuda EventHandler

Most embedded development tools come with some sort of debugging aid. For example, an integrated environment such as the Metrowerks IDE can be used for setting breakpoints and stepping through the source code in an embedded device. Many of these debuggers run in so called freeze mode, thus effectively stopping all tasks when a breakpoint is hit. It is for this reason common to instrument the code with printf's such that one can debug or trace the code without halting the target.

Using printf in an embedded device is sometimes a challenge as not all devices have a console.

It is very easy to create a trace library using the Barracuda Web-Server and the Barracuda EventHandler plug-in. A browser window will be used as the console. By connecting a browser to the server and using the persistent connection feature of the EventHandler, the trace data can be sent in real-time from the server to the browser window.

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