Access Network Solutions: Migrating From Present To Future

The telecommunications market is in the midst of a hectic era. Deregulation, new entrants, the soaring demand for Internet and other data services, and frequent technological improvements are some of the attributes creating today's business environment.

This environment is characterized by fierce competition, causing each of the operators, whether incumbent or new entrant, to attempt to maximize market share and revenues while minimizing expenses.

Each operator is required to offer a variety of services ranging from simple voice services to high-speed ATM or IP-based data services. This suite of services must be tailored to accommodate the different needs of various customer segments, ranging from residential to large-scale business enterprises - and all at a competitive price.

Mission impossible? Not necessarily.

This white paper reviews three possible solutions for a wireline access network, in view of their adaptation to the range of services an operator is required to supply:

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