AViA-9600 Time-shifting

Television time-shifting is the ability to watch a television program at a time other than it was originally broadcast. Many of us who own a VCR are already familiar with the concept. We program the VCR to record a show when it is broadcast and watch it at a later time. This adds convenience to our viewing experience by letting us fit the viewing of the program into our schedule, instead of changing our schedule to match the broadcast.

Digital video recorders (DVRs) utilizing a hard disk drive (HDD) add many additional features that increase the benefits of time-shifting over those provided by a VCR. The true random access nature of the HDD enables features such as live pause of television and the ability to watch while recording. In addition to these viewing option features, HDD based time-shift set -tops offer new opportunities for the service provider to add revenue -generating features such as true video on demand.

This document will examine the advantages and technical challenges of integrating a HDD into a set top. It also introduces the C-Cube AViA-9600 set-top box processor which wa s developed to meet the needs of next generation set-top boxes. The AViA-9600 is the integration of C-Cube's traditional set-top solutions with our market leadership in advanced DVD player solutions. The AViA-9600 fulfills the requirements of key trends in the STB market such as time-shifting, consumer connectivity, and innovative display of content.

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