Addressing the Newest Wave of Challenged for Independent Systems Integrators

With the widespread movement toward convergence of data, voice and other services across integrated networks, front-line value-added resellers and independent systems integrators are being faced with a whole new set of challenges and dynamically changing systems requirements. While many leading edge software and hardware developers see the trend toward convergence as an opportunity for unifying and enhancing network capabilities, it is the hands-on systems integrators who ultimately must bear the final responsibility for turning the all of the promises of convergence into on-site reality for their real-world customers.

In order to maintain competitive advantage, independent systems integrators must stay constantly at the forefront of today's rapidly evolving applications environments while at the same time continuing to provide the close attention to individual customers that forms the core of their value proposition. To a great degree the traditional value-added of sourcing and integrating various hardware and software components into a hosting platform has become an increasingly complex challenge with escalating headaches and diminishing margins. On one hand, the evaluation, testing, integration and certification of individual system components is consuming larger amounts of valuable engineering resources in order to create robust platforms tailored for today's complex applications, such as converged internetworking, Computer Telephony Integration, Voice over IP (VoIP), etc. On the other hand, the ability to mark-up platform-level integration activities is shrinking as more value-added emphasis has shifted to the end applications and the move to standardized open systems architectures has blurred the ability to differentiate based on the underlying platforms.

As a result of these driving factors, more and more forward-looking independent systems integrators are now looking toward comprehensive integrated system solutions that provide a reliable base for deploying robust targeted applications to their end customers, while maximizing value-added opportunities for the systems integrators.

In the balance of this brief white paper, we will explore the driving factors and trends behind the movement to integrated systems. In addition, we will look at the key factors for choosing an integrated systems partner that can optimize your opportunities with reliable, scalable and stable computing platforms and platform integration services that are optimized for deploying targeted converged networking applications.

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