A Short History of Software Development

This document gives a short overview of software development history. The goal is not to be complete from a historical point of view, but to refresh our minds of what we are actual doing.

Many of us grew up with computers and learned to program in a playfull-like manner. There is nothing wrong with that, because "playing" is a very good way to learn. Trying out things, modifying examples and verifying the results in short cycles gives us insight/feeling on how things work. This insight is needed, but only extends to the level on which we operated our trials and does not necessarily gives us insight in what/why/how things work exactly. As a result problems may not be anticipated and our creations may only work reliable in our own well-known environment. How does your software perform on a slower or faster machine, a machine with a small hard-disk, a machine with low bandwidth communciation, etc.

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