Assessing Migrating to Linux for Converged Communications Solutions

You've probably heard more about Linux in the last 12 months than in its entire nine-year history. That's because Linux has finally achieved a level of corporate and public awareness as a powerful and reliable operating system (OS) for meeting the business needs of companies, for dedicated Web servers, mail servers, and the like. New by OS standards, Linux has been tried, tested, and proven in a relatively short span of time.

We have recently begun releasing Linux-based software for Intel® Dialogic® boards that lets developers build and deploy converged communications solutions on this powerful platform. However, the appearance of a new technology always provokes inquiry, and the use of Linux-based platforms for converged communications solutions - even when offered by an industry leader - is no exception.

This white paper attempts to answer these questions about Linux using the latest business and technical information. The goal is to enable you to make a balanced assessment of the impact of Linux on your existing solutions, as well as those currently under development.

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