An IP-based SoC Design Kit for Rapid Time-to-Market

SuperH Inc., develops and licenses 32 and 64-bit CPU cores for use in System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. SuperH has developed an innovative set of tools to reduce the 'time to market' for licensees developing SuperH based SoC devices. A description of the SoC Evaluation and Design Kit (SEDK) is provided describing its main capabilities. These include providing (i) an early software development capability, (ii) "turnkey" integration capabilities of CPU core and interconnect components, and (iii) a rapid hardware prototyping capability based on FPGAs for realizing the users own IP.

This paper presents the SoC Evaluation and Design Kit (SEDK) provided by SuperH. Further, the paper focuses on the leading edge front-end design capabilities of the SEDK. SuperH is a world leader, with a proven track record in the design and implementation of high performance RISC processors. The primary role of the SEDK is to provide SuperH customers with a modeling and hardware capability for evaluating and designing with the SuperH family of RISC cores and support peripherals for inclusion in their SoC products. Further, the kit allows the evaluation and design to be performed within short timescales.

The crucial role of achieving rapid time-to-market for company survival and commercial success has been well documented. This paper focuses on the advanced design capabilities of the SEDK for achieving this goal. These features include:

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