Advanced Video Silicon Enables New Windows 98 Video and Broadcast-Receiver Applications

With Microsoft's release of Windows 98, video and broadcast-receiver capabilities are now supported as an integral part of the operating system. Windows 98 enables a variety of key new multimedia entertainment functions through its inclusion of WebTV for Windows, WavePhore's WaveTop and Intel's Intercast, and through its expanded support for DVD playback. Many consider Windows 98's release to be a watershed event for PC users who want to listen to a stereo radio broadcast or watch TV on their PC, send videomail, videoconference with their friends, or receive content that's broadcast to them via a variety of new data broadcast services.

To make these applications possible, software and silicon have converged to create a seamless new video and broadcast-reception environment under Windows 98. This convergence has spawned a new class of audio and video streaming hardware devices that leverage the power of highly integrated silicon and the convenience of an operating system that makes it extremely easy to integrate video products onto today's PC platform.

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