Adaptec Seamless Streaming Technology Maximizes Ultra320 SCSI Performance

Ultra320 SCSI employs many fresh design features to deliver a new order of I/O speed. Adaptec's innovative Seamless Streaming Technology boasts advances that allow enterprise servers and workstations to achieve the full performance potential of Ultra320 SCSI data throughput. Adaptec's new Seamless Streaming Technology pushes the performance of Ultra320 SCSI to its theoretical limit by implementing in hardware three key new design advances: (1) Ultra Streaming Data Path, (2) Matrix Command Management, (3) Rapid Packet Protocol Engine. These features are being introduced on the AIC-7902 Ultra320 SCSI ASIC, a dual-channel chip that is the foundation for a broad family of Ultra320 SCSI and SCSI RAID controllers, including the Adaptec 29320 and 39320 lines of SCSI host bus adapters, to be released in 2002. This white paper briefly describes how Adaptec's Seamless Streaming Technology works to optimize Ultra320 SCSI performance. Seamless Streaming Technology is designed to maximize the high data transfer rates of Ultra320 SCSI and meet the needs of both follow-on SCSI generations and the requirements of emerging high-performance I/O technologies.

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