Z-Stack is compliant with the ZigBee 2006 specification and supports multiple platforms including the CC2430 System-on-Chip and the CC2420 and MSP430 platform. Z-Stack also has support for CC2431 which enables users to create ZigBee applications that can change behavior based on the nodes current location in the network.

Z-Stack version 1.4.2 introduces a new application feature called SimpleAPI. The new API was designed from the point of view of the application developer rather than the ZigBee specification but it still provides a ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP). This is a good way for application developers to quickly build ZigBee-based wireless mesh networked applications.

The stack API is condensed to about 10 function calls that are targeted towards network formation, binding and sending and receiving data. In addition the stack configuration can now be done via NVRAM parameters instead of having pre-compiled values in code. The configuration can be done using a PC-based tool or by an external microcontroller. Two sample applications are provided to illustrate the use of the SimpleAPI, a sensor data collection network application and a home automation network application. The project file for the sample applications is in the Samples\SimpleApp.

A new feature is the OAD (Over-the-Air-Download) sample application that illustrates the use of the over-air firmware upgrade feature. A PC tool (ZOAD) is included in the release to perform the over-the-air upgrade.

Z-Stack is well suited for:

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