Xintegrity Professional

Xintegrity Professional is an advanced data integrity monitoring and modification detection solution. Xintegrity Professional will detect changes to the contents of any file, changes to the directory structure of your system, changes to the security permissions of every file, and changes to your registry.

Xintegrity Professional makes it virtually impossible for anybody or anything (whether it be a malicious person, virus, hardware, software or operating system fault) to change the contents of your files without being detected. When a change has been detected Xintegrity Professional allows inspection of the changed file against an optionally backed-up copy of the file, showing exactly how the file has been changed, when it was changed and whether any of its other properties have been altered. Xintegrity Professional then provides the option of restoring a backed-up copy of the file.

Xintegrity Professional will detect the smallest possible change (a single bit) to a file of unlimited size, and this protection is provided to any file type including operating system files. Xintegrity Professional allows you to choose which files are protected based on an extensive and convenient selection process.

Xintegrity Professional will detect files and folders that have been added or removed from your system, files and folders that have been moved to the recycle bin, and files and folders that have been created then moved to the recycle bin between database checks. Xintegrity Professional also detects any changes to the security permissions of any file, including whether any new accounts have been created, accounts that have been removed, and changes to every security permission associated with each account.

Xintegrity Professional also includes powerful registry modification detection abilities. Xintegrity Professional will detect new registry subkeys, removed registry subkeys and changed registry values. This detection ability includes changes to normally hidden registry keys such as the SAM and SECURITY keys.

Xintegrity Professional is available for Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro and 2003 Server. An evaluation version can be downloaded from this site.

Xintegrity Professional can be used as a normal application allowing you to check for changes to your system and to check the integrity of your files whenever you want (even when files are open and being used) or can be used in Background Mode, working invisibly in the background and notifying you whenever a change takes place.

When Xintegrity Professional detects a modified file, extensive analysis procedures are provided to show exactly how and when the file was modified, along with options for restoring a Xintegrity Professional protected backup file (optionally encrypted with 256 bit AES).

Xintegrity Professional can be configured to automatically restore modified files without any further interaction. integrity Professional has the ability to send Email notifications [ optionally encrypted with 256 bit AES ] whenever modifications are detected. Xintegrity Professional does not need to copy your files, and will only copy them if you want to use the file restoration features available.

Xintegrity Professional does not change the contents, or alter the properties of any of your files. Xintegrity Professional integrates seamlessly into your system and does not affect the normal operation of Windows or the manner in which you use other applications in any way.

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