Wingpath ModMultiSim - Multi-slave Simulator for Modbus TCP/RTU

ModMultiSim is a simulator that enables realistic simulation of multiple Modbus slaves in their environment. Connect your Modbus masters to ModMultiSim, instead of real Modbus slave devices, in order to test and configure the masters.

Using a simple control language you can simulate Modbus slaves measuring environment properties (e.g. flow rate), controlling the environment (e.g. opening valves), performing internal calculations (e.g. averages), and responding to Modbus commands from masters. You can also simulate environment changes (e.g. viscosity, flow) that are independent of a slave.

ModMultiSim displays the simulated environment and Modbus device registers as they change, and provides a trace of Modbus messages between slaves and masters. It also has an online manual/troubleshoot/howto facility. Support is provided for network (Modbus/TCP) and serial (RTU/ASCII) interfaces. The program will run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

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