Wingpath Modsak - Modbus Diagnostic Program

Modsak is a versatile Modbus diagnostic program. It will be of interest to device manufacturers, software developers, system integrators and field service engineers. Modsak can be used to test or simulate almost any device or system that uses the Modbus protocol: slave devices, PLC's, HMI's, MMI's, DCS's, RTU's, SCADA systems, bridges, gateways, device servers, etc.

If you are a device manufacturer, you can connect Modsak to the device you are developing to test its handling of the Modbus protocol and also its general operation. Software developers can use Modsak to simulate the environment (Modbus masters, slaves and bridges) in which their software has to operate. System integrators can plug Modsak into a system to temporarily replace Modbus components they don't yet have; or when components refuse to talk to each other Modsak can be used to try out different configuration settings. Modsak running on a portable computer will be a valuable tool for field service engineers, enabling them to monitor the communications between system components, or to send their own requests to the Modbus slaves in the system.

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