Uniqall Gridborg HMP (Host Media Processing)

Since the first telephony board was introduced two decades ago, such boards were handling connection to the telephone network and media processing tasks. However, a mighty combination of VoIP and Moore's law is turning the entire industry upside down. With VoIP growing at present rates, computer telephony applications do not need to be attached directly to circuit switched networks. Actually, if the application needs to be future proof, the IP network is the right place to be. On the other hand, Moore's law made x86 processors more than powerful enough for the purpose of handling media processing tasks that were previously handled by dedicated digital signal processors embedded within telephony boards.

HMP (Host Media Processing) is a concept where both network connectivity and media processing is solved in software, thus freeing developers of computer telephony applications from the need of having expensive telephony boards included in the equation.

What makes Gridborg HMP outstanding among its peers is:

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