Telelogic TAU UML Suite

Telelogic TAU UML Suite is a leading, multi-user solution for object-oriented application development, supporting UML 1.3. With a state-of-the-art repository, its team modeling features enable you to manage object-oriented modeling components as corporate assets that drive the analysis, design, and construction of large-scale applications. The UML Suite helps you to better manage the development process by preserving key modeling views of different development phases, including analysis, design and technology. It can be used for all medium- to large-size projects and it saves time by permitting common pieces of a model or system design to be reused or shared by different departments. The UML Suite conforms to and automates any team development process. For small workgroups or widely distributed development project teams, it provides significant advantages beyond the typical UML modeling tool.

Note: Telelogic TAU UML Suite was previously named COOL:Jex/ObjectTeam.

Mission-critical stability
The UML Suite's openness, customizability, and scalability provide capabilities for superior integration with a team's preferred processes and development environment. Its repository-based architecture provides mission-critical stability as well as secure, collaborative and distributed multi-user access. The built-in model configuration and version management utilities provide the functionality to accomplish iterative reuse of UML models.

Components can be shared and reused
The UML Suite facilitates reuse of components as well as high-level designs. Components promoted to the corporate level can be shared by several projects by simply dragging and dropping. Components can also be versioned to allow further development without impairing usage by others. Likewise, sharing of version-controlled components readily occurs across configurations within the same project. Configurations are used to solve common development issues which require management of variant versions of the system for a variety of purposes such as porting, testing, and prototyping.

Superior team collaboration
The UML Suite's online repository enables you and your team members to continually share and access the latest project information. Object-level locking allows you to modify models without locking entire subsystems. Version and configuration management of model elements is built right into the tool. Access to model information is controlled by a role-based security mechanism.

Documentation generation
The UML Suite provides a customizable reporting capability. For more sophisticated documentation management, the UML Suite is integrated with Telelogic DocExpress providing capabilities for navigating, extracting and presenting key information at the touch of a button. Whether preparing status review reports, or full-scale deliverable standards, Telelogic DocExpress ensures cost-effective and timely publishing of information.

Management of sequential or concurrent releases
Telelogic TAU UML Suite gives your development team the ability to control and deploy reusable components even when work is done in parallel. Its configuration management capabilities enable your team to develop multiple target architectures, develop concurrent releases with overlapping functionality, or develop parallel projects reusing common components.

Life cycle support
The UML Suite allows you to evolve your models from requirements all the way to system implementation. Work products from each phase are preserved to retain the history of design decisions. Changes to any phase can be propagated forward or back to keep the model consistent, and differences are reported.

Multiple language code generation
The UML Suite offers fully customizable round-trip code generation from UML to the following languages:

Various parts of the same model can be implemented in different languages. Code regeneration is supported for rapid iterative development. Regeneration is achieved without the use of 'magic' markers in the code. All code generators are delivered in source form (Tcl), enabling customization for specific needs.

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