Telelogic TAU/Developer

In today’s competitive development environment, organizations are struggling to deliver more complex systems in less time and with fewer staff. For developers this has serious consequences; it is increasingly their responsibility to design and deliver the highest quality systems as efficiently as possible. In this climate, many developers find adopting a more visual, automated and reliable development process — model-driven development — can help.

Telelogic TAU®/DeveloperTM, is a state-of-the art, UML (Unified Modeling Language) 2.0 based tool for the design and development of robust, advanced software components and applications. The tool allows visual simulation and verification of dynamic behavior giving developers the chance to eliminate any errors as early in the lifecycle as possible. TAU/Developer also automates the transition from design to implementation thanks to its ability to generate executable software (in C, C++ or Java) from the design models.

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