Telelogic TAU/Architect

Systems engineers today are under pressure to deliver larger and more complex systems on time and within budget. Work on these projects has to be right first time. Any opportunity to streamline the activities of the systems engineer must be grasped - whether by improved techniques or through the automation offered by advanced tools.

TAU®/ArchitectTM is a modern, model-based systems engineering tool for the design of advanced systems. Using the latest industry standard visual modeling language, UMLTM (Unified Modeling LanguageTM) 2.0, TAU/Architect supports comprehensive modeling of large and complex systems to create precise, easy-to understand and unambiguous design specifications. Uniquely, with TAU/Architect, system engineers not only specify the structure, but also the behavior of the system under development. What's more, the specifications can be simulated to verify and validate the system and demonstrate its behavior to end-users and other stake-holders at an early stage.

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