ThreadX is Express Logic's advanced Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications. ThreadX has many advanced features, including its picokernelTM architecture, preemption-threshold,TM and a rich set of system services. Combined with its superior ease-of-use, ThreadX is the ideal choice for the most demanding of embedded applications.

Small Footprint
ThreadX is implemented as a C library. Only the features used by the application are brought into the final image. The minimal footprint of ThreadX is as small as 2.5KB on CISC processors.

Fast Response
ThreadX helps your application respond to external events faster than ever before. ThreadX is also deterministic. A high priority thread starts responding to an external event on the order of the time it takes to perform a highly optimized ThreadX context switch.

Easy To Use
ThreadX is very easy to use. The ThreadX API is both intuitive and highly functional. In addition, the API names are made of real words and not the “alphabet soup” names that are common to other RTOS products. Building a ThreadX application is also easy. Simply include the TX_API.H file in the application software and link the application objects with the ThreadX library. The resulting image is ready for execution – it’s that simple!

No Mysteries
ThreadX is delivered with complete C and assembly source code so you can see exactly how ThreadX operates. If you are used to in-house kernels or had bad experiences with “black box” commercial RTOS products, this should be most comforting.

Advanced Features
ThreadX provides an advanced set of services, including:

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