Texas Instruments XDS560(TM) Emulation Technology

In this demo, we will first take a look at the increased download speeds offered from the XDS560 emulator as we download an executable of a benchmark example that is about 422 kilobytes to see how long it takes. The second portion of the demo looks at a video/imaging example to show the advances in RTDX transfer rates from the host to target hardware. The XDS560 Emulator is a PCI-based next-generation emulator that supports high-speed RTDX on enabled processors for real-time data transfer rates of over 2 MB/second, to provide an unparalleled level of real-time visibility into an executing application to assist developers in debugging real-time systems. The XDS560 can achieve code download speeds of up half a megabyte per second enabling better start-up times and speeding development for larger applications. The XDS560 also enables real-time non-intrusive Advanced Event Triggering capabilities, including event sequence detection, extended benchmarking capabilities, and program range breakpoints. The XDS560 includes a highly flexible 5-1/2 foot (1.5+ m) host-target cable suitable for use from 5V down to 0.5V to support TI's low-voltage device roadmap.

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