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INtime software combines deterministic, hard real-time control with standard Windows operating systems (including Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows NT Embedded) without requiring additional hardware. INtime was designed specifically to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of the x86 processor architecture. Therefore your real-time and non-real-time applications run in separate virtual machines on a single computer, for cost-effective, reliable control that is easy to develop and maintain.

INtime software allows you to leverage a wealth of Windows standard features and off-the-shelf applications without compromising the real-time control your applications demand. You can achieve microsecond response time while exercising complete control over your real-time processes with reliable and predictable results.

INtime software has been field proven in hundreds of applications running millions of flawless execution hours. INtime software's full-featured, real-time kernel supports 256 priority levels and round robin scheduling within each level. INtime software also includes a full complement of inter-process communication and synchronization mechanisms that support the high-end real-time needs of the most demanding applications.

INtime remote nodes allows you to develop your real-time application on a Windows work station, then separate the real-time and non-real-time applications to run distributed across one or more PC-compatible nodes.

Many applications require Windows as a component of the solution, but also require real-time or deterministic elements. The Windows family of operating systems are reliable, full-featured, general purpose operating systems designed from the ground up with features such as a pre-emptive, multitasking kernel and built-in protection and security mechanisms. However, they are not deterministic or real time.

Applications that require sub-millisecond response times, or extremely accurate, predictable execution of control processes, require the absolute determinism found in a real-time kernel. INtime software extends any standard Windows environment on a PC architecture with industrial-grade, fully deterministic, hard real-time capabilities. By extending Windows with INtime software, you can fully leverage Windows tools and applications while achieving critical real-time capabilities.

INtime software is installed on a system that already runs Windows. Once installed, INtime software provides deterministic, real-time support for Windows applications. INtime runs as a separate, independent kernel, so that the Windows system is not compromised by process failures and faults on the INtime kernel. The real-time processes run on the INtime kernel, and non-real-time processes run on Windows. The developer decides whether a given process has a requirement for real time responsiveness, and what level of determinism is desired.

Windows application threads communicate with their real time counterparts through the NTX API which allows them to share real time objects.

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